Olives 3
Mixed Bowl 3,50
Olives / Onions / Gherkins

Mixed Board 26
Kindly inquire with the host about this week's selection of local cheeses and meats
Each dish is accompanied by olives and toasties


Franks Gimlet

Embrace the crispness of Copper Still vodka perfectly blended with house super lime juice and infused with Oleo-Saccharum lime oil. Franks Gimlet is a refreshing choice for those who appreciate a tangy citrus kick 12

Tony Dois Dedos

A harmonious fusion awaits in Tony Dois Dedos, where Appleton Rum meets the richness of Grand Marnier, complemented by the delightful notes of fresh apple, almond, and sous vide cinnamon bark 12


Vodka takes center stage in this delectable concoction, harmonizing with Limoncello, lime, vanilla cream, and crumbles for a sweet and zesty experience 12


Experience the bold and mature flavors of Aged Campari, Gin, Dubonnet, and citrus oil in a cocktail that embodies depth and complexity 12


Vodka takes a fruity turn with sous vide lemon orange oil, berries, vanilla, and a hint of lemon. Lemonberry is a delightful symphony of sweet and tangy notes 12


A tropical escape awaits with Hakka, featuring Vodka, coconut, lychee, and passion fruit. Indulge in the exotic blend of flavors 12

Finders Keepers

Tanqueray 10 takes the lead in this botanical delight, accompanied by lemongrass, ginger, mint, and lime. this cocktail promises a refreshing and herbaceous sip 15

Princess Scarlett

Vodka mingles with Lemontejo, Campari, lychee, and lime, creating a regal and vibrant cocktail with a hint of sweetness 12

Black Pepper and Basil

Tanqueray gets a bold twist with basil, lemon, pepper, house soda, and citrus zest, offering a savory and herb-infused drinking experience 12


Aged rum meets Liquor 43, super lime, lemon, fresh ginger, and lemon zest in, a lively and zesty concoction that tantalizes the taste buds 12

Screaming Orgasm

Indulge in the guilty pleasure of Vodka blended with Amaretto, Baileys, Kahlua, cold brew, chocolate, and vanilla cream 13

Charlie Brown

Aged Jamaican Rum, Grand Marnier, citrus juice, and orange oil come together in a cocktail that balances sweetness and citrusy brightness 16

Jumping Jessica

Don Julio tequila takes center stage alongside green Chartreuse, charred bell pepper, fresh ginger, and lime in an adventurous and vibrant mix 12

Nim Nom Atom Bomb

Earl Grey-infused Gin joins forces with Cointreau, lemons, and white port, creating a sophisticated and aromatic delight 12

Number 5

Bulleit Rye, Cognac, Dubonnet, Benedictine, and lemon oil unite in our house cocktail offering a complex and refined sipping experience 14

Feather Boa Noah

Bulleit bourbon intertwines with Kahlua, house brew, honey water, and cinnamon bark, a warming and comforting libation 16

It's Not What You Think It Is

Don Julio Mix, sherry, and Cynar come together in this enigmatic creation, aptly named "It's Not What You Think It Is," promising something surprising and delightful 18

Finger Ring

Bulleit Bourbon meets Fernet, Guinness reduction, and homemade Tepache in a bold and intriguing blend with layers of flavor 13

Bloody Hell (Served Hot)

Tanqueray, grilled smoked red peppers, ginger, tomato, and the usual suspects come together in this hot and spicy concoction, offering a unique and invigorating warm cocktail experience 14

Four Twenty

Fat-washed banana Jamaican Rum combines with coconut water, stem ginger, and red port in an innovative and tropical-inspired libation 14

Carlita's Way

Don Julio Mix, balsamic, strawberry, basil, and pepper create the vibrant and flavorful cocktail that balances sweetness and herbal notes 15

Beetroot Margarita

Indulge in the earthy and vibrant flavors of batched Mezcal, beetroot, Cointreau, lime, and a touch of smoke in the unique drink 16


Aperol, lime, and herbs come together with batched Mezcal in a refreshing and herb-infused cocktail 16

For Pete's Sake

Bulleit, Caol Ila, madagascar vanilla bean, ginger root, and lemon zests create a complex and smoky profile in a sip-worthy and intriguing concoction 16

Cinco House Martini

Customize your experience with the Cinco House Martini. Choose between gin or vodka, select your preference for naked, dry, or wet, and finish with either an olive or a twist of lemon zest for a personalized martini 15


Vermounths / Bitters / Pastis

Antica Formula
Complex blend of herbs, spices, and vanilla. Premium Italian vermouth with a rich and aromatic character 15
Vibrant orange liqueur infused with herbs and roots. Bitter-sweet taste, ideal for refreshing Aperol Spritz cocktails 7
Amaro del Capo
Calabrian herbal liqueur, crafted with 29 aromatic herbs. Balanced bitterness and delightful citrus notes for a unique profile 9
Iconic Italian aperitif with a secret blend of herbs, spices, and fruit peel. Distinctive bitter-sweet taste, perfect for cocktails 7
Vermouth crafted with a blend of herbs and spices. Sweet and balanced, a classic choice for cocktails 7
Cinzano Rosso
Italian red vermouth with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices. Rich, versatile, and a staple in classic cocktails 7
Artichoke-based bitter liqueur. Infused with 13 herbs and plants, offering a unique herbal and slightly bitter flavor 7
French aperitif with a blend of fortified wine, herbs, and spices. Aromatic and subtly sweet, perfect on the rocks 7
Gammel Dansk
Danish bitter schnapps with 29 herbs. Complex and aromatic, traditionally consumed as a digestive aid 7
German herbal liqueur with 56 herbs and spices. Complex, slightly sweet, and versatile for various cocktails 7
La Fee
French absinthe with anise, fennel, and wormwood. Distinctive herbal flavors, known for its traditional louche effect 12
Lillet Blanc
French aperitif wine blended with citrus liqueurs. Elegant and floral, a key ingredient in classic cocktails 9
Martini Rosso
Italian sweet vermouth with a blend of herbs and spices. Versatile for classic cocktails, imparting richness and sweetness 7
Noilly Prat Dry White
French dry vermouth with a blend of herbs and spices. Crisp and aromatic, a classic choice for martinis 9
French anise-flavored aperitif. Distinctive licorice notes with a blend of herbs and spices. Perfect for classic cocktails 7
English fruit cup with gin and a secret blend of herbs and spices. Refreshing and fruity, a summer favorite 7
Punt E Mes
Italian red vermouth with a bittersweet profile. Enhanced with quinine. Adds complexity to classic cocktails 7
French pastis with anise and licorice. Refreshing and herbal, best served with water for a traditional aperitif experience 7



London classic since 1863, juniper-forward with citrus notes, offering a timeless and refreshing spirit 12
Beefeater Burrough Reserve
Limited edition gin handcrafted by steeping in oak barrels, resulting in a rich and complex spirit 20
From the Shetland Islands, harmonizes traditional botanicals with local Nordic ingredients for a unique and smooth gin 12
Blue Coat
Craft spirit from Philadelphia, known for smoothness, citrusy notes, and a balanced blend of botanicals 12
(Check with bar staff 10
Bombay Sapphire
Renowned London Dry Gin with a distinctive blue bottle. Crafted with ten botanicals, offering a vibrant flavor profile 12
Premium French gin crafted in Cognac, complex flavor profile with 19 botanicals, providing a refined and aromatic experience 12
Check with bar staff 12
Gin Ca
Check with bar staff 12
Gin Mare
Mediterranean gin crafted in Spain, infused with arbequina olives, rosemary, thyme, and basil for a distinctive flavor 12
Gin Sul
Distinctive blue and white bottle, featuring juniper, lemon, coriander, and rosemary for a fresh and citrusy flavor 12
Produced since 1769, classic juniper-forward flavor with a balanced blend of botanicals 12
G'Vine Floraison
French gin crafted from grapes, infused with juniper, ginger, lime, and green cardamom for a unique profile 12
G'Vine Nouaison Reserve
Known for aromatic complexity and spicy character, offering a unique twist on traditional gin flavors 15
Haymans Old Tom
Crafted to reflect the historical Old Tom style, offering a well-balanced and flavorful gin experience 12
Haymans Sloe
Sloe berries impart rich, fruity flavor and a deep ruby color to this gin 12
Haymans 1850 Reserve
Classic London Dry Gin with a balanced and traditional juniper-forward profile 12
Unusual infusion of cucumber and rose petals gives a distinctive and refreshing flavor profile 12
Hoog Houdt
Typically maltier with a different flavor profile compared to the more commonly known London Dry Gin 12
Unique and contemporary gin blending traditional British gin botanicals with Japanese flavors 16
Martin Millers
Botanical blend includes juniper, coriander, angelica, and traditional gin botanicals, creating a balanced and versatile flavor 12
Martin Millers / Rosemary
Blended with Icelandic spring water after the second distillation, contributing to its smoothness 12
Crafted with six primary botanicals native to Japan, including sakura flower, yuzu peel, and sansho pepper 12
Classic London Dry Gin emphasizing juniper flavor with a dry profile, including coriander, angelica root, and citrus peel 12
Tanqueray Ten
Blend of fresh citrus botanicals like grapefruit, orange, and lime, contributing to its bright and zesty character 14
Tanqueray Malacca
Distinctive blend of botanicals, including juniper, lemon, orange, cassia bark, cinnamon, and other spices 15
Tanqueray Old Tom
Slightly sweeter than London Dry, reflecting the historical Old Tom style 12
Tanqueray Rangpur
Features Rangpur lime, a hybrid between a mandarin orange and a lemon, for a unique citrusy profile 12
Tanqueray Sevilla
Infused with Seville oranges, offering a blend of bitter and sweet flavors, inspired by sun-soaked groves 12



Aged Panamanian rum with rich caramel and oak notes, Abuelo 12 offers a smooth sipper 12
Appleton VX
Jamaican blend showcasing aged rums, Appleton VX 15 delivers complex flavors of spice, citrus, and oak 15
Bacardi 8y
Bacardi 8, aged for eight years, boasts a balanced profile with hints of vanilla and oak 12
Barcelo Imperial
Dominican excellence, Barcelo Imperial, is a 14-year-old rum with layers of caramel, cocoa, and tropical fruit 14
Brugal Anejo 5y
Brugal Anejo, aged for 5 years, offers a smooth and dry Dominican rum experience 10
Crafted in the Caribbean, Canerock delivers a rich and spiced rum profile, perfect for sipping or mixing 12
Brazilian Cachaca-51, aged for 7 years, provides a smooth and refined spirit with sugarcane sweetness 7
Dictador 20y
A Colombian masterpiece, offers a rich blend of toffee, coffee, and dark chocolate 19
Dictador X.O Insolent
Dictador X.O Insolent is a luxurious Colombian rum with deep flavors of oak, vanilla, and caramel 22
Diplomatico Reserva
Venezuelan Diplomatico Reserva, aged for 12 years, boasts a complex palate of dark chocolate, vanilla, and honey 12
Diplomatico Mantuano
Mantuano by Diplomatico, aged for 8 years, combines toffee, dried fruits, and vanilla in a delightful blend 12
Diplomatico Planas
Diplomatico Planas is a Venezuelan white rum, perfect for cocktails, with hints of coconut and vanilla 12
Elements Platinum
Elements 8 Platinum is a smooth Barbadian rum, aged for 8 years, offering a balance of fruit and spice 18
Flor de Cana 4y
Flor de Cana 4-year-old Nicaraguan rum features a light and tropical profile with hints of vanilla 10
Flor de Cana 7y
Aged for 7 years, Flor de Cana brings Nicaraguan elegance with notes of caramel, toffee, and spice 12
Flor de Cana 12y
Flor de Cana 12-year-old offers a sophisticated Nicaraguan sipper with flavors of dark chocolate and oak 13
Havana Club 15y
Havana Club 15 is a Cuban gem, aged for 15 years, delivering a rich and velvety rum experience 60
Havana Club Anejo 3y
Havana Club Anejo 3 is a Cuban classic, aged for 3 years, with light vanilla and tropical fruit notes 9
Havana Club Anejo Especial Rum
A Cuban delight, combines sweetness and spice for a delightful experience 12
This Caribbean rum, delivers bold flavors of molasses, cinnamon, and clove 12
Aged for 12 months, offers a Brazilian spirit with notes of citrus and vanilla 12
Matusalem Gran
Matusalem Gran Reserva, a Dominican gem, presents a smooth and complex blend of oak and dried fruit 12
Matusalem Platino
Matusalem Platino is a Dominican white rum with a clean profile, perfect for classic cocktails 10
Original Dark Rum, aged for 10 years, boasts a robust Jamaican flavor profile with molasses and spice 10
Plantation 3 Stars White
Plantation 3 Stars White Rum is a blend from three Caribbean islands, offering a versatile and crisp spirit 11
Plantation Jamaica
Delivers a bold and rich profile with tropical fruit and spice 13
Plantation Xaymaca
Jamaican blend, features a robust and fruity character with notes of banana and pineapple 14


Whisky / Bourbon

Rich Highland single malt with a 17-year age, offering a smooth and honeyed flavor profile 17
Islay single malt aged for 25 years, known for intense peat smoke and complex sweetness 25
Black Bush
Blended Irish whiskey, aged for 12 years, featuring a smooth blend of malt and grain 12
Buffalo Trace
Kentucky bourbon aged for 14 years, delivering a well-balanced mix of sweetness and spice 14
Straight bourbon whiskey with a 12-year age, characterized by a bold and robust flavor profile 12
Bulleit Rye
Rye whiskey aged for 14 years, providing a spicy and complex taste experience 14
Irish whiskey aged for 10 years, offering a light and fruity character with a touch of vanilla 10
Canadian Club
Blended Canadian whisky aged for 10 years, known for its smooth and mellow taste 10
Cardhu Malt
Speyside single malt with a 12-year age, featuring a balanced mix of sweetness and maltiness 12
Four Roses
Kentucky straight bourbon aged for 10 years, showcasing a smooth and mellow profile 10
Speyside single malt aged for 12 years, presenting a fruity and floral character 12
Glenlivet Founder Res
Speyside single malt with a 12-year age, crafted to honor the distillery's founder 12
Highland single malt aged for 10 years, known for its fruity and floral notes 18
Speyside single malt with a 12-year age, offering a well-balanced and flavorful experience 15
Blended Scotch whisky, light and smooth with a touch of sweetness 9
J&B 15y
Blended Scotch whisky aged for 15 years, providing a more mature and refined taste 12
Jack Daniels
Tennessee whiskey, known for its smooth and charcoal-mellowed character 10
Jack Daniels Single Barrel
Premium Tennessee whiskey aged in a single barrel, offering depth and richness 13
Triple-distilled Irish whiskey, smooth and versatile 8
Jameson Stout
Irish whiskey finished in stout beer barrels, imparting rich and robust flavors 8
Johnnie Walker Black
Blended Scotch whisky with a smoky and rich character 10
Johnnie Walker Double Black
Intensely smoky and peaty blended Scotch whisky 12
Johnnie Walker Gold
Smooth and luxurious blended Scotch whisky with a 12-year age 13,50
Johnnie Walker Green
Write Something here 17
Johnnie Walker Red
Iconic blended Scotch whisky, known for its approachable and versatile profile 8
Japanese whisky with a 12-year age, offering a balance of sweetness and complexity 15
Knob Creek Rye
Straight rye whiskey aged for 12 years, delivering a bold and spicy flavor 19
Laphroaig 10y
Islay single malt known for its distinctive peaty and medicinal character, aged for 16 years 17
Logan 12y
Blended Scotch whisky with a 10-year age, offering a smooth and easy-drinking experience 10
Macallan 12y
Highland single malt aged for 16 years, known for its rich and sherry-influenced profile 34
Maker's Mark
Kentucky bourbon with a 12-year age, featuring a signature sweet and full-bodied taste 13
Monkey Shoulder
Blended malt Scotch whisky with a 10-year age, offering a smooth and approachable taste 12
MOONshine Apple Pie
Flavored moonshine with apple pie notes, providing a sweet and warming experience 12,50
MOONshine Original
Classic moonshine with a 12-year age, offering a traditional and potent kick 12,50
Naked Malt
Blended malt Scotch whisky with a 15-year age, delivering a complex and nuanced profile 12
Nikka Coffy Grain
Japanese grain whisky aged for 17 years, known for its smooth and mellow character 19
Nikka From The Barrel
Japanese whisky with a 14-year age, presenting a bold and flavorful experience 14
Oban 14y
Highland single malt aged for 10 years, featuring a maritime influence and complex flavors 25
Old Parr
Blended Scotch whisky with a smooth and light profile, known for its approachable taste 15
Isle of Skye single malt aged for 10 years, known for its maritime and peaty character 17
Wild Turkey
Kentucky bourbon aged for 10 years, providing a bold and flavorful experience 12
Woodford Reserve
Kentucky bourbon with a 12-year age, known for its rich and balanced profile 13
WOODWORK 20-Year-Old Vintage TPC
Rare and aged whisky with a 20-year vintage, offering depth and complexity 75
WOODWORK Brandy Cask
Whisky finished in brandy casks, providing a unique and fruity flavor profile 30
WOODWORK Douro Wine Cask
Whisky finished in Douro wine casks, imparting rich and wine-like characteristics 80


Tequila / Mezcal

1800 Anejo
Aged richness with hints of vanilla and oak, offering a smooth and refined experience 15
1800 Silver
Crisp and versatile, a silver tequila with subtle agave sweetness, delivering a balanced profile 12
Altos Anejo
Aged complexity with caramel notes, Altos Anejo provides a smooth and sophisticated tequila experience 14
Altos Reposado
Balanced and smooth, Altos Reposado boasts citrus and vanilla notes for a delightful taste 12
Amaras Mezcal
Artisanal craftsmanship shines in this mezcal, showcasing smoky agave flavors for a distinctive profile 19
Bozal Ensamble
A unique blend with herbal and fruity notes, Bozal Ensamble excels in complexity and flavor 24
Bozal Tepeztate
Exceptionally rare, Bozal Tepeztate offers earthy and floral tones, impressing with complexity 30
Bozal Tobasiche
Rare and rich, Bozal Tobasiche boasts sweet and spicy notes, showcasing an exceptional flavor profile 28
Bozal Cuishe
Highly unique, Bozal Cuishe delights with tropical fruit and herbal complexities, standing out 22
Bozal Borrego
An exceptionally rare delight, Bozal Borrego impresses with complex and rich flavors 38
Casamigos Anejo
Aged excellence, Casamigos Anejo offers caramel and toffee notes, providing a commendable experience 25
Casamigos Joven
Smooth and refined, Casamigos Joven boasts vanilla and citrus nuances, standing out in versatility 28
Corralejo Añejo Red
Aged perfection with vanilla and oak, Corralejo Añejo Red delivers a well-balanced profile 16
Nuanced mezcal experience, Derrumbes showcases herbal and smoky flavors, providing a delightful taste 25
Don Julio Anejo
Smooth and aged, Don Julio Anejo presents caramel and spice, offering a refined and delightful complexity 21
Don Julio Reposado
Balanced and refined, Don Julio Reposado boasts vanilla and honey notes, providing a commendable experience 19
Don Julio White
Crisp and clean, Don Julio White delivers citrus and agave sweetness for a refreshing taste 16
Herradura Sliver
Traditional craftsmanship shines in Herradura, offering a balanced and smooth tequila experience 14
Ilegal Anjeo
Distinctive agave experience, Ilegal Mezcal features smoky and fruity notes, leaving a memorable impression 23
Ilegal Reposado
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Jose Cuervo Especial Silver
Light and crisp, Jose Cuervo Especial Silver presents simple agave flavors for a versatile choice 6
Jose Cuervo Gold
Classic choice, Jose Cuervo Gold offers a versatile profile, making it a timeless option 8
Jose Trad Gold
Classic tequila experience, Jose Trad features balanced agave sweetness, providing a familiar taste 12
Jose Trad Sliver
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Milagro 100% Agave
Smooth and versatile, Milagro 100% Agave boasts citrus and floral notes for a delightful experience 12
Ocho Blanco (8)
Clean and crisp, Ocho Blanco (8) features agave and pepper notes, providing a refreshing taste 17
Ojo De Tigre
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Olmeca Blanco
Crisp and clean, Olmeca Blanco delivers agave with a touch of citrus, providing a refreshing experience 12
Olmeca Reposado
Classic reposado, Olmeca Reposado boasts vanilla and caramel notes for a well-balanced profile 12
Patron Silver
Clean and crisp, Patron Silver features citrus and pepper notes, offering a smooth tequila option 17
Patron Reposado
Aged perfection with vanilla and oak, Patron Reposado provides a commendable and balanced experience 19
Patron Anejo
Rich and smooth, Patron Anejo boasts caramel and spice notes, delivering a top-tier tequila experience 22
Pasote Blanco
Crisp and clean, Pasote Blanco features herbal and citrus notes, providing a refreshing and balanced taste 20
Pasote Reposado
Balanced and smooth, Pasote Reposado presents vanilla and oak notes, offering a commendable experience 23
Pasote Anejo
Aged complexity with caramel and spice, Pasote Anejo provides a rich and satisfying tequila experience 25
San Cosmo
Well-balanced and versatile, San Cosmo delivers a smooth and enjoyable tequila experience 14
Siete Misterios
Unique and nuanced mezcal flavors, Siete Misterios features herbal and smoky notes, standing out 16
Xaman Espadin
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Absolut Vodka
Pure, neutral, versatile. Distilled from winter wheat and water. Ideal base for various cocktails 10
Absolut Vanilla
Rich, creamy, vanilla. Infused with natural vanilla flavor. Enhances sweetness in cocktails 11
Premium, smooth, malted. Distilled from barley and pure water. Luxurious Russian vodka 17
Polish craftsmanship, clean. Distilled from Polish rye. Versatile base for refined cocktails 12
Belvedere Lake
Distilled with lake water. Clean, crisp, distilled from rye. Unique Polish vodka profile 15
Boaka Black
Bold, robust, black wheat. Crafted from black winter wheat. Distinct depth for sipping or mixing 12
French grape-based vodka. Lightly fruity, distilled from grapes. Refined choice for upscale cocktails 12
Grey Goose
Iconic French vodka. Smooth, subtly sweet. Distilled from French wheat. Ideal for classic martinis 14
Grey Goose Lemon
Zesty, refreshing, lemon. Infused with natural lemon flavors. Perfect for citrusy cocktails 17
Grey Goose Pear
Elegant, fruity, pear. Distilled from French wheat. Ideal for upscale pear-infused cocktails 17
Heavy Water
Nordic purity, smooth. Distilled from Norwegian potatoes. Subtle sweetness for sipping 12
Ketel One
Dutch tradition, silky, crisp. Distilled from European wheat. Versatile base with a hint of citrus 14
Polish royalty, smooth. Distilled from Dankowski rye. Classic Polish vodka 10
Polstar Apple
Crisp, refreshing, apple. Distilled from wheat. Perfect for lively and fruity cocktails 9
Poaka Black
Bold, robust, black wheat. Distilled from black winter wheat. Unique depth and character 10
Handcrafted, smooth, creamy. Distilled from English wheat. Ideal for sipping or crafted cocktails 11
Classic, reliable, clean. Distilled from corn and triple-filtered. Versatile base for cocktails 10
Stolichnaya Elit
Russian luxury, ultra-smooth. Distilled from wheat and rye. Pure vodka without additives 17
Stolichnaya Peach
Sweet, fruity, peach. Infused with natural peach flavors. Ideal for those who appreciate fruitiness 15
Exceptionally smooth, pure. Distilled from Swedish winter wheat. Clean palate for purists 12
William Chase Oak Smoked
Uniquely smoky, complex. Distilled from English cider apples. Infused with oak smoke 12
William Chase Marmalade
Citrusy, vibrant, marmalade. Distilled from English cider apples. Infused with zesty marmalade 15
Polish tradition, clean. Distilled from rye. Classic vodka with a balanced flavor 10
Wyborowa Peach
Fruity, delightful, peach. Distilled from rye. Infused with juicy peach flavors 12
Distinctively Polish, bison grass. Distilled from rye. Unique herbal note for a memorable experience 10



Courvoisier V.S
A blend of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne grapes aged for four to ten years, offering rich and harmonious flavors 14
Hennessy V.S
A bold mix of eaux-de-vie from Ugni Blanc grapes aged for at least 2 years, delivering a lively and robust profile 12
Hennessy Fine
A meticulous blend of Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes, aged for 4 to 25 years, creating a rare and exquisite cognac 21
Martell V.S
A lively combination of Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Folle Blanche grapes aged for at least 2 years. Smooth and versatile 14
Perrier Ferrand Ambre
Crafted from Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Folle Blanche grapes, aged for 3 to 25 years, resulting in a complex masterpiece 20
Perrier Ferrand 1840
Write something here 16
Remy Martin V.S.O.P
A harmonious blend of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne grapes, aged for a minimum of 4 years, offering depth and elegance 16



Amaretto Disaronno
Almond-based liqueur with apricot kernel. Rich, sweet, and versatile for classic and creative cocktails 10
Ancho Reyes
Spicy chili liqueur crafted from ancho chilies. Earthy, smoky, adding heat to cocktails 15
Ancho Reyes Chile
Authentic chili liqueur with sun-dried poblano peppers. Balanced heat and subtle sweetness for cocktails 15
Irish cream liqueur with whiskey, cream, and cocoa. Creamy, rich, perfect for indulgent cocktails 7
Herbal liqueur with 27 plants and spices. Complex, honeyed, and citrusy with an intriguing profile 10
Chartreuse Green
French herbal liqueur with 130 plants. Intensely herbal and complex, renowned for its vibrant green color 14
Chartreuse Yellow
Milder version with a slightly sweeter profile. Herbal and floral, offering a distinctive character 12
Cherry Herring
Danish cherry liqueur with rich, sweet, and tart flavor. Enhances fruity and classic cocktails 10
China Bigallet
Bitter orange liqueur with gentian. Slightly sweet, complex, a staple in classic cocktails 8
French triple sec with sweet and bitter orange peels. Crisp, versatile, and essential for classic cocktails 10
Scotch-based liqueur with honey, herbs, and spices. Smooth, sweet, ideal for the Rusty Nail 10
Fernet Branca
Italian amaro with a secret blend of herbs. Bitter and herbal, enjoyed as a digestif 8
Hazelnut liqueur with cocoa and vanilla. Sweet and nutty, a delightful addition to cocktails 7
Italian herbal liqueur with 30 herbs. Vanilla-forward, adding complexity to cocktails 10
Portuguese cherry liqueur with almond touch. Sweet and fruity, perfect for sipping or cocktails 6
Scottish liqueur with honey, herbs, and spices. Smooth, sweet, and warming, offering a unique flavor 10
Grand Marnier
French orange liqueur with Cognac. Rich, sweet, versatile for classic cocktails and desserts 10
Italian bergamot liqueur with botanicals. Floral and citrusy, a refined addition to cocktails 11
German herbal liqueur with 56 herbs. Complex, sweet, often enjoyed as a digestif 7
Mexican coffee liqueur with rum and vanilla. Rich, sweet, ideal for cocktails and desserts 6
Le Fee
French absinthe with anise, fennel, and wormwood. Distinctive herbal flavors, known for its louche effect 20
Licor 43
Spanish liqueur with 43 ingredients. Vanilla-forward, sweet, versatile for cocktails and desserts 6
Portuguese lemon liqueur. Bright and citrusy, perfect for adding a zesty twist to cocktails 6
Italian cherry liqueur with Marasca cherries. Rich, sweet, essential for cocktails like the Cherry Martini 10
French herbal liqueur with 27 botanicals. Complex and aromatic, a sophisticated addition to cocktails 10
Mozart Plain Chocolate
Austrian chocolate liqueur with cocoa and vanilla. Rich and velvety, perfect for chocolate-inspired cocktails 6
Mozart White
Austrian white chocolate liqueur. Creamy and sweet, an indulgent addition to cocktails and desserts 6
St, Germain Liqueur
French elderflower liqueur. Delicate and floral, adds a fragrant touch to cocktails 10
Tia Maria
Jamaican coffee liqueur with Jamaican coffee beans. Rich and sweet, perfect for coffee-flavored cocktails 6
Triple Sec Mil Bar
Spanish triple sec with a citrusy profile. Adds brightness and sweetness to various cocktails 5

Soda / Juice / Beer / Wine

7up 2,5
Coke 2,5
Elderflower 3
Ginger Ale 2,5
Ginger Beer 3
Tonic 2,5

Apple 2,5
Cranberry 2,5
Pineapple 2,5

Superbock 3

Red gl 4,5
White gl 4,5
Bottle Red 14
Bottle White 14
Bottle Rose 14

Prices in euro including IVA


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