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Ripped basil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and a touch of black pepper lengthened with Tanqueray Gin, and a splash of soda, sprayed with citrus zests


Pampero Rum, Liquor 43, lime and lemon juice, and fresh ginger, dry shaken and showered with a lemon zest


My version of the Appletini, granny smiths muddled with Bison Grass vodka balanced with apple infused sugar


A lengthy and flavour some concoction of José Cuervo Tequila, cranberry juice, mint, lime and brown sugar


Juicy fresh strawberries, a dash of balsamic vinegar, fragrant basil leaves and a good dose of José Cuervo Tequila, shaken and double strained into a large martini glass


Pampero Rum, Grand Marnier and lemon juice shaken and balanced with gomme, touched up with an orange zest


Get me out of this wet coat and into a dry martini” – an interesting and appropriate quote by Mae West, regarding this classic cocktail. Opt between Gin or Vodka. Olives, green or black? With a twist? How about a Gibson with pearl onions? A Franklin with 2 olives? A Gimlet with roses lime cordial? Or a Number 1 with an onion and an olive? Be adventurous; try a Dirty martini (with olive brine), or perhaps a Smoky martini with a rinse of scotch. For a refreshing change try an ‘in season’ fresh fruit martini – watermelon, passion fruit, raspberry, apple – the list goes on…. A Cajun Cucumber martini for a touch of spice, or go the extra mile with a superior martini using Ketel One, Vodka, alternatively Tanqueray 10 premium Gin. How about a Bradford, shaken not stirred, just the way 007 likes it. Fancy both gin and vodka? Ask for a Vesper. Whatever you like!


Bloody Mary recipes are as personal as Martinis. Variations on the theme use everything from gin (Red Snapper), tequila (Bloody Maria), or whisky (Bloody Joseph) as a base. Purists will only use tabasco, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, and lemon as spices – but everything from oysters, horseradish, dry sherry, red wine, cucumber, garlic, onions, V8 and even ketchup can be added. If you’re feeling a little hungover, the B vitamins in the tomato will certainly be helpful, although it ‘works’ like most pick-me-ups by getting you drunk. If you can’t hack the pace, try a Bloody Shame (virgin).


Darjeeling Summer

A select tea from the Himalayas harvested in the summer when the leaves have matured to an aromatic flowery ripeness. Only the heights of Darjeeling with its ideal climate and soil can produce such a tea.

Golden Assam

An excellent, particularly large-leafed tea with an unusual number of bright golden tips. It is harvested in early summer when the aroma is at its best and the tea has developed a delicate note of cocoa accentuated by a malty sweetness.

Classic English Tea

It is blends like this that have given English teas their reputation. Strongly aromatic with high quality teas from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya – they taste perfect with milk and sugar.

Smoked China

A delicately smoky speciality with teas from China and India blended according to a unique Ronnefeldt recipe. It is the tinge of Chinese smoke souchong roasted over pinewood that gives this tea its interesting and well-balanced aroma.

Splendid Earl Grey

A fragrant, delicate Darjeeling united with fine China and Assam teas, a Ronnefeldt composition. This interesting blend enveloped in precious bergamot aroma is the classical flavoured tea.

Green Yin Long

Silver Dragon – a rarity from the mountains of the province of anhui. A soft peachy aroma with a lightly tart touch.

Jasmine Pearls

The leaves of this rare speciality from China are rolled by hand into small balls. Freshly plucked jasmine gives this tea its unusual and delicately flowery bouquet.

Strawberries and Cream

Green roibosh with pieces of strawberry and cream, with a truly decadent taste and aroma.

Granny’s Garden

Fruity, fresh rhubarb blend rounded off with the delicate sweetness of genuine Bourbon vanilla.

Vanilla Roibosh

A sensuous combination of vanilla and delicate roibosh tickle the tastebuds with a smooth finish on the palate.



Coppa, Parma Ham, or Pancetta
Please ask the host for the selection of meats available this week


All Portuguese, and all delicious
Hot, soft, sheep cheese with honey, great to share, better to keep to yourself
Cured sheep cheese
Blended cheese, Cow, sheep, and goat, for two


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